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June 23


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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 9:42 PM
::EDIT:: 10/5 - well this was a bust so im gonna put this on pause/close it and bring it back in a few months i guess /: 

::EDIT:: 9/20 - ????????? one month left but i havent been very active so would extending the date be dumb or ???????? 

::EDIT:: 8/20 - added prizes


yoooo so i think it's time i have an OFFICIAL ART CONTEST because i have hella money and a love for many different art styles ∩( ・ω・)∩


there's no specific theme whatsoever -- just draw any of the douchebags from Low Sodium; alone or with another person/group (brownie points !)


like i said -- no specifics but feel free to get nsfw or stupid or whatever you want !! i literally could not care less what you draw them doing or with who !! just have fun with it !! ∩( ・ω・)∩ 


starting now until OCTOBER 20th (my birthday aayy) !!!!!


only here (DeviantArt)


so you can win stuff and i can see all your individual styles because thats hella 
speaking of win stuff...


1st place 

one year premium membership + 800 :points: + 4 fully colored pictures and 1 digital realism painting from me + anything you want from ($40 limit) + super secret special mail prize 

2nd place 

one year premium membership + 400 :points: + 3 fully colored pictures from me and 1 digital realism painting from me + anything you want from ($25 limit) 

3rd place 

three month premium membership + 2 fully colored pictures from me + anything you want from ($15 limit)

4th-7th place

one month premium membership + 1 fully colored picture from me + 200 :points: 



  • only draw  the characters listed below pls 
  • at least try to keep them in character -- i won't be mad about any inaccuracies tho
  • you can enter as many times as you want, but can only win once
  • entries must be noted to me 
  • not much else !! have fun !! 




all of the characters below are from my (work in progress) webcomic, Low Sodium and i hate all of their guts so much !!! ((this is not all of the characters -- i feel as if that might be too overwhelming for both me and you guys-- depending on how this one goes we'll see if i do a bigger contest later))

Freddy Roger Limecho Thomas JoneS

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
Seventeen year old Limecho [LI-meh-KO] is short of having an existential crisis and getting kidnapped is probably the best thing that's ever happened to him. He's the main character/narrator of Low Sodium; h
e's a tall skinny teenager who works as an errand boy. He really likes meeting people and being social. He also really loves cocaine and cats. He's loud and cowardly, no one really likes him except for those who follow his countless blogs and vlog.  
5'9" / dark brown hair and eyes / naturally tan skin / missing top left canine / thick eyebrows /  casual clothing  

Jethro Scott Hopkins

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
monster forms thisgivesmeanartboner.blogspot…
While doing absolutely nothing he still manages to run a monster hunting organization. He's lazy and rude as shit. Weed, food and XXX porn are all he really cares about. He's also hooked on morphine and heroin which makes him unpredictable during withdrawals. When he's not high or being a dick he enjoys writing music with Val and playing the ukulele. He also likes to paint but he's too reserved about his feelings to share his work. Oh and he's kind of a monster sometimes. Literally.
 5'7" / brown, messy hair / kinda pudgy / light grey eyes (usually bloodshot cause he's a stoner loser) / pale skin / dark circles around eyes / sharp yellowed teeth / long black nails and prehensile tongue / striped pastel clothing

BotnlauS* Brianna Dfriken

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
A World of Warcraft addicted asshole who has no idea how to control his emotions or interact with people. He's always bitter and angry about something for no reason. He's also quiet most of the time or the opposite and yelling at someone. He's a hitman and he's just not very nice. H
e really likes snails and drinking cheap-ass beer. He also basically wants to kill Taavi because hes tsundere as fuck.
6'1" /  muscular build  / naturally dark brown hair (brown eyebrows)  / dark brown eyes / yellow teeth from being a chain smoker / leather jackets, buttons, bandannas

Taavi Caroline Aquim

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
By far the least "douchebaggy" of the group, but he makes up for that with self-loathing. No one hates themselves more than this kid hates himself. He's an emotionally unstable healer who is too nice for his own good and suffers from bulimia and a stupid accent. He likes being abused by Botnlaus because hes a masochistic little creepfuck. ((even tho hes actually asexual tbh))
5'5" / frail, thin body / light pink eyes / naturally black hair / pointed canine teeth and ears / pastel sweater vests and skinny jeans

Kaelon Percy AQUIM

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
Taavi's misogynistic, homophobic, alcoholic, asshole father. He has a short temper and really, really likes big tits. His favorite thing to do is stalk women even though he's painfully bad at it. He's also hella sadistic and will often just hurt people because it's fun and it gives him a wicked hard-on. There's always bees around him but he doesn't notice anymore.
6'4" / bright pink eyes /  pointed canine teeth and ears / neutral colors and casual clothing

Dntel Kate Smith

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
A back-alley doctor/surgeon who actually prefers the title "douche." He prides himself off of the shitty low-quality techno music he makes at 3 am and also directs porn in his spare time. He's an all around slimy dickfuck...And talks like he thinks he's straight up G but he's so white. He does care a lot about Limecho though and they're gross obnoxious best friends.
6'0" / naturally brown hair with a chunk of blonde (also natural) / always has to be wearing the visor over his (orange) eyes / tight pleather clothing that shows a lot of skin


Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
A grumpy old deity who's getting really sick and tired of his job. He has a short temper and gets easily frusterated because of his awful hearing (he doesn't have ears and hears through the little bells on his horns but they make more noise than he can hear). He's also terrible at English and understand nothing about human life, he thinks it's gross.
6'2" / long off-white hair / red and yellow eyes / no ears (that's what the jingle bells on his horns are) / grey skin / purple face makeup 

Valeska Angeline Geina

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
Jethro's gold-digging bitch of a girlfriend. The only reason they get along so well and haven't broken up is because they're both immoral, stoner assholes. She's also interested in writing music, but mostly for the money she makes panhandling with her boyfriend when they play their music in public. They have a band together called Coat Drive.
5'6" / naturally blond (hides her roots when they grow out) / brown eyes / naturally tan skin / pastel goth clothing

Hourekuva Kay Westly

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
Possibly the second least asshole of the bunch. Despite being Jethro's younger brother, he's luckily nothing like him. Almost a polar opposite in fact. He's selfless and would way rather spend his time helping the less fortunate than do anything else. The only thing they have in common in their attrcacrion to the ladies. The only thing he loves more than ladies is his eyebrows -- they're in a relationship together.
5'9" / naturally white hair / sharp teeth / no eyes (except for the one on his chest) / red eye shadow / athletic or military styled clothing 

Eithan James Oliver (Squat)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic…
Hella shady. Hella sociopath. Hella pedophile. There's not really anything good about him other than the fact that he's loaded with cash. Even though he might be the worst of the bunch, everyone seems to like him the most-- or at least that's what they think. He's really good at manipulating people and taking their money. He's easily bored and often treats everyone like they're just there for his amusement; because he thinks they are.
6'5" / naturally brown hair bleached blonde (except for sideburns and eyebrows) / bright green eyes (usually bloodshot 'cause who the heck doesn't do drugs here) / broken nose / random pattern clothing with long sleeves -- usually covers up his tattoos in public


Hourekuva by princess-seragakiBoat N' Jenny by xxxMadHatt3rContest entry by WoRmEyEVirus Detected by titmochii

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